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A Franklin TN Fiduciary Financial Advisor Focused on Your Results

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“I joined Cypress Capital as an independent fiduciary financial advisor because they aligned with my core value of putting people first. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built with my clients and for the trust they place in me to manage and grow their assets.”

Meet William Bevins

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Finance from Virginia Tech, William Bevins, CFP® CTFA, began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1996 with a goal to help individuals sensibly plan for their retirement.

For 18 years, William traded markets professionally with personal wealth. His investing experience spans all phases of market cycles many times over during his career.

At Cypress Capital, William serves as a Private Wealth Manager. His goal remains to help individuals and institutions achieve their investment goals while controlling risk. Putting client needs first is how he built his business and reputation. Serving as a Fiduciary allows him to stand with those who count the most, his clients.

A Franklin TN Financial Planner Focused on Your Results

When your wealth is properly managed, it offers security for you and your family. In later years, the wealth you’ve accumulated will allow you to enjoy the freedom you deserve. Your financial journey begins with choosing the right financial advisor. And the team at Cypress Capital is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

The Smart Choice for Franklin TN Investors


Get a Personalized Portfolio

When you invest with advisors who are salespeople, your money can easily get tied up in cookie-cutter products that offer reduced returns due to elevated, complex fees and unfavorable tax treatment. William Bevins takes the time to understand your goals and risk tolerances in order to build a custom portfolio that helps your capital grow.


Avoid Hidden Fees and Commissions

Unlike many advisors who earn commission from selling financial products, William Bevins operates on a simple, well defined fee structure for wealth management. That means our success is tied directly to your performance so you’ll never have to question our intentions.


Know Where Your Money Is

Advisors who sell packaged products such as mutual funds or annuity products likely can’t tell you exactly how your money has been invested. As a Fiduciary, William Bevins is required to be completely transparent and put his client’s interests before anyone else’s. With all assets managed in-house, he employs proven financial models that ensure your money is always working for you.


Invest in a Rewarding Relationship

If you don’t know who to speak to when you have questions about your portfolio, your money is likely in the wrong hands. Whether a client is saving for retirement or college, William Bevins treats each relationship as a true partnership. He gets to know you, understands your objectives and…stays in touch.


Selecting an investment advisor is an important decision. Our aim is to provide you with as much information as you need to make an informed and confident choice. Don’t see your question below? Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer it.

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“I have always been blown away by the conflict of interest that's involved within financial services. The root of the problem begins with a sales commission. Recommendations tend to lean towards higher paying solutions to the sales person. With me as your investment advisor, I can guarantee that will never happen to you.”

Why do I need an investment advisor?

An investment advisor can not only help you set your financial goals but helps you achieve them. In fact, research has shown that working with an investment advisor can actually increase returns by 3.75 percent. Having an experienced fiduciary advisor on your side who understands your risk profile and priorities can make a huge difference in the amount of wealth you accumulate and the tax you pay.

Should I invest in a financial plan?

A solid financial plan is critical to guide your spending, saving and investing. Effective financial planning involves planning for taxes, insurance, education and retirement. It’s a fact: Investors who have a plan--and follow it, are more likely to achieve their goals.

What does a tailored investment plan include?

A tailored plan will rest on two pillars: thoughtful portfolio construction and time-tested risk management strategies. Your custom stock and bond portfolio uses proprietary financial models based on your goals and risk profile. And because your goals and risk tolerance change over time, we make the necessary adjustments. Your plan will be both tax and cost efficient.

How will my funds be invested?

Effective wealth management is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your funds will be invested in stocks and bonds according to your unique goals, circumstances, time horizon and risk profile. William Bevins is 100% transparent so you’ll always know where your money is invested and how it’s working for you.

What makes your advice different from others?

We work directly with clients on an unbiased fiduciary basis. We are held to a Fiduciary Standard as Registered Investment Advisors. Giving prudent advice is the fabric of our business. No one pays our firm other than our clients for planning or wealth management services. Therefore, we serve no one's interests but theirs.

How do we work together?

Once you’ve booked a consultation, we’ll sit down and get to know each other. This can be done in-person, via ZOOM or over the phone. You’ll learn about the services we offer and I’ll learn about what’s most important to you and assess your current financial situation.

From there, a simple three-step process guides our work together.

  • Plan your financial future based on your goals.
  • Build a custom portfolio based on your risk profile.
  • Review regularly to ensure your plan aligns with your goals.

We understand that talking about money can sometimes be confusing, frustrating and downright boring. Our objective is to explain your options in simple terms and get you excited about your financial future.

My bank offers investment products. Why do I need a fiduciary?

Your bank advisor earns commission from the investment products they sell you. And these products often offer reduced returns thanks to complex (and often hidden!) fees as well as high taxes.

As a Fiduciary, William Bevins is required to work in your best interest. This means you never have to question his intentions and you’ll always know where your money is invested. You pay a simple fee for wealth management services that’s based on the size of your portfolio.

What about planning for taxes?

Will you have enough money to retire comfortably? For your money to last well into your golden years, you need a retirement plan--in addition to your financial plan. We offer a comprehensive retirement planning service.

How are your fees calculated?

Our fee is based on the service we provide to you and it’s the only fee you pay. We charge a set fee for services like financial planning and for wealth management services, the fee is based on the size of your portfolio. Our fees are mandated to be disclosed by the SEC. No other hidden fee, no surprises. It’s this transparency that sets us apart.

Who is Cypress Capital?

Cypress Is a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm locally owned in downtown Franklin, Tn. Collectively, our independent advisors have more than 100 years of experience with designations ranging from Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Trust and Financial Advisor. You couldn’t ask for a financial support team that’s more invested in you.

How often will I receive statements?

Clients may receive statements on a monthly basis and also have access online at any time. With William Bevins, you always know where your money is invested. This is part of the transparency we provide to our clients. Anytime you have questions, we’re a phone call away.

What type of client do you work with?

We work with Franklin TN investors who have varying financial backgrounds; from local artists and laborers to healthcare professionals, business executives, teachers and more. We also support small and medium sized businesses and corporations to set up and manage their 401k through our Employer Retirement Planning service.

Do you require a $1 million dollar account to become a client?

No, we do not require a massive account balance to become a client. Book a consultation to get the conversation started.