Financial Planning & Investment Advice for Millennials

Having a financial strategy is key to living your best life. Accumulating wealth looks a lot different than it did for your parents so you need advice that makes sense for your world. William Bevins can partner as your financial advisor and provide you with suitable investing for millennials in Franklin TN. As a Fiduciary, he’s committed to doing what’s best for you.

“I enjoy working with millennials as they’re keenly interested in increasing their financial literacy. And according to a recent study on millennials and finances, they’re more likely than any other generation to say that having a financial advisor they trust is important to their financial confidence. Helping all millennials in Franklin TN to begin saving for retirement is a personal goal of mine.”

— William Bevins, CFP® CTFA

Not your parents’ financial guy.

You weren’t taught any of this in school. Your knowledge of the stock market is either limited to Wolf of Wall Street or you’ve Googled all the research but don’t know who to trust. William Bevins will create a custom financial plan, suitable for investing for millennials, that addresses your most common concerns.

  • How can I invest with a massive student loan debt?
  • I stand to inherit my parent’s money. Then what?
  • Won’t our savings account and 401(K) be enough for retirement?
  • Do we have to give up our travel dreams to invest?
  • Can you ensure our money supports causes we believe in?

Make an impact with investments that match your ideals.

Whether it’s a job you take or a donation you make, it’s important that your hard-earned money supports organizations that align with your personal values. And the same goes for the companies in your investment portfolio. That’s why William Bevins stands behind socially responsible investing (SRI), also known as ESG investing.


Protect the Environment

Your portfolio will consist of companies that conserve and protect the natural environment. From emissions and land use to energy and hazardous materials, you can feel confident knowing these companies actively reduce their carbon footprint.


Support Social Justice

You’ll invest in equal opportunity employers who take care of their employees by meeting labor, safety and quality standards, to name a few. This care extends into their local communities and throughout the entire supply chain.


Promote Corporate Governance

Ethical business practices start at the top. This group of companies is governed by a diverse board, protects shareholder and employee rights and provides complete transparency with their accounts and taxes.

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“ESG investing adds environmental, social, and governance factors into traditional investment evaluations. This approach to sustainable investing for millennials is gaining popularity for all the right reasons. It means you can invest exclusively in companies that embody your ideals. ”

It’s time to put your money to work for you, for your future.


Define your financial goals

A solid financial plan is critical to guide your spending, saving and investing. Get a plan that covers the following key elements: taxes, insurance, education and retirement.


Embrace the stock market

A whopping 66% of people aged 18 to 29 say investing in the stock market is scary. Yet, over time the returns on a well- constructed stock and bond portfolio are proven to get you to your goals more reliably. William Bevins, a Franklin TN millennial investment advisor, can help make sense of markets.


Diversify your investments

William Bevins will create a personalized portfolio that considers your risk profile and the goals set out in your financial plan. The mix of stocks and bonds will be custom to you and leverage proprietary investment models.


Be wary of financial products

When meeting with investment advisors, ask them if they earn commission on the products they’re recommending. If they do, ask yourself if they truly have your best interests at heart.


Work with a fiduciary

William Bevins is a Private Wealth Manager with Cypress Capital, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser firm. As such, the firm and its people are held to the fiduciary standard, which means your interests are placed before those of the firm or its representatives.

If socially responsible investing is important to you, count on William Bevins to customize a portfolio that reflects your values. Book a free consultation.

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“If I’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that real wealth can be achieved with moderate risk-taking over the course of an individual’s lifetime. Setting reasonable goals and working diligently to achieve them year in, year out is the key to success.”

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