Professional Financial Planning

Regardless of your age or income, a solid financial plan is critical to guide your spending, saving and investing.

"A financial plan is not a ‘one and done’ document. We understand your financial needs change and emergencies arise so we ensure your plan evolves with you. Whether you’re a newlywed, a single parent or ready to retire, we can work with you to create a plan that works."

— William Bevins, CFP® CTFA

The Key Elements to Effective Financial Planning

Whether you have an existing plan or require your first, William Bevins will design a custom plan for one affordable fee.


Tax Planning

Are you aware of the strategies you can use to reduce your tax burden? From tax credits to retirement accounts, William Bevins knows how to reduce your tax debt so you can reach your financial objectives faster.


Insurance Planning

Do you have life or disability insurance plans in place to ensure your loved ones are taken care of? We can walk through your options and advise you on income replacement and estate planning so your assets are protected in the event of injury, illness or death.


Education Planning

Planning to support your children through college? Tuition fees continue to rise so it’s never too early to begin building a college fund. William Bevins can set up educational IRAs, 529 plans, etc. so you’re prepared.


Retirement Planning

Will you have enough money to retire comfortably? For your money to last well into your golden years, you need a retirement plan--in addition to your financial plan. We offer a comprehensive retirement planning service.

A Financial Plan That Works for You

Regulated by the Fiduciary Standard, William Bevins is required to put his clients’ interests first. You can trust that his unbiased recommendations are based solely on your goals.



We want to hear your story. The more we know, the better we’re able to serve you.


Understand Your Risk Profile

Managing risk means understanding your comfort level. We take a conservative approach.


Establish Goals

Wherever you are in the financial planning process, we’ll help you identify and prioritize your needs.


Review Assets

We review assets and analyze plans to ensure they’re balanced, diversified and tax efficient.


Set a Course

We translate your profile and any assets into an actionable plan that meets your objectives.

Once your financial plan is in place, you may need our wealth management services. We leverage proprietary investment models and decades of experience to build a custom stock and bond portfolio that puts your plan into action. As a fiduciary advisor, our fees are based on the size of your portfolio--not commissions.

Prepare for your future with a solid financial plan that’s built for you.

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25 Years of Sound Financial Advice and Investment Experience for the Franklin TN Community

“If I’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that real wealth can be achieved with moderate risk-taking over the course of an individual’s lifetime. Setting reasonable goals and working diligently to achieve them year in, year out is the key to success.”

Financial Advisor and Wealth Management services offered by fiduciary advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ William Bevins. As a Fee-Only advisor offering unbiased advice and recommendations, William's career has focused on helping individuals and institutions achieve their investment goals while controlling risk. Putting client needs first is how he built his business and reputation.