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William Bevins, CFP® serves Nolensville, TN as a financial advisor & financial services professional. William provides comprehensive advisory services that can help improve income management, strengthen plans for retirement, and achieve your investment goals while controlling risk. Regardless of your needs, William Bevins works to develop a personal relationship with his clients to better understand their current financial situation and their long-term goals. This helps bridge the gap so he can help you make decisions that will get you closer to your goals every day. Our simple, three-step process includes planning your financial future, building a custom, diversified portfolio, and taking time to regularly analyze and review along the way. William Bevins is also a financial fiduciary advisor meaning that he always puts his client’s needs first.

Benefits of Working with a Financial Advisor

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their long-term finances. When you work with an experienced Nolensville, TN financial advisor and financial services professional like William Bevins, you’ll benefit from knowing that your future is in good hands. Some of the other benefits of professional financial planning include:

- Creating personalized, educated, and attainable goals that are unique to your lifestyle
- Providing ongoing motivation and advice to help you reach your goal using clear plans to reach financial stability
- Increases accountability to commit to both short- and long-term goals
- Gain a better understanding of what will help you achieve your outcomes
- Eliminates uneducated financial decision making
- Increases your mindfulness of spending and teaches about the benefits of investing
- Builds you a stronger future financial foundation
- Helps you clearly identify needs vs. wants and how to differentiate between immediate gratification and your future goals
- Creates a stronger financial standpoint for retirement planning

Working with a financial advisor is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age. However, the sooner you get started, the better. Contact William Bevins today to learn more.

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“I joined Cypress Capital as an independent fiduciary financial advisor because they aligned with my core value of putting people first. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built with my clients and for the trust they place in me to manage and grow their assets.”

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Wealth Management Services

A lot of people are hesitant to talk about their finances but working with a financial advisor can help you create stability for your future. William Bevins provides wealth management services to our clients in an effort to help guide you in choosing investment opportunities that fit your goals. Using an objective and personalized approach, we’ll create a unique portfolio that changes as you do. We believe that you should always know where your money is and what it’s doing for you, which is why we always diversify, balance, and manage your assets in-house. William has developed millennial wealth strategies to help you get ahead. When you’re ready to work with a Nolensville, TN financial advisor with over 25 years of experience, contact William Bevins today.

Financial Planning Services

An efficient financial plan is your starting point on the road to financial freedom. A well written plan addresses savings, spending, and the importance of diversified investments. An experienced financial advisor and financial services professional understands that over time even the best laid plans will need adjusting and alteration. William Bevins will help when the unexpected happens. Whether you’re just starting your working career or near retirement, we offer comprehensive financial planning and annual reviews that work for you and your family. To learn more about how our financial planning services can help, contact us today.

Millennial Investing

If you have some money and are unsure what to do with it, consider seeking the help of a millennial financial advisor. An unbiased wealth manager can assist you with investing retirement money, paying off debt, reviewing your tax strategy, and possibly recommend an estate planning attorney if you have minor children that need financial security in case something happens to you.

Verifying the overwhelming amount of market and financial information can be difficult, as there are often highly qualified sources with conflicting opinions. A millennial advisor can assist you in making well-informed and unbiased decisions that are in line with your objectives. An experienced advisor, like William Bevins CFP CTFA, can assist you with organizing and managing your goals and creating a cash flow plan that reflects your financial independence goals realistically and attainable.

The Fiduciary Advisor Role

Before hiring an advisor for their services, it is important for you as an investor to inquire whether they are a fee-only, fiduciary advisor or not.
An advisor who is a true fiduciary will consistently maintain transparency and be open to discussing the matter. Advisors who are not fee-only or fiduciary could be either commission-only or fee-based. This implies that they might receive commissions by selling financial products to their clients.

Advisors who receive payment solely from their clients for their rendered services can work without any contradictory interests. This means that they can work under the fiduciary standard, which requires them to act in the best interest of their clients.

A fiduciary advisor offers:

- They consistently prioritize their client's best interests before their own.
- They provide honest and fair advice based on their knowledge and expertise.
- Exhibits wise decision-making skills in their behavior and recommendations.
- Avoids conflicts of interest.
- Discloses any material facts.
- To help clients manage investment expenses.


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William Bevins is a licensed financial advisor in Nolensville, TN and the surrounding communities. Our commitment to achieving your financial goals means that you’ll get personalized services paired with complete transparency. To learn more about how William Bevins can help you strengthen your financial plans, manage your wealth, or create a strategic retirement plan, contact us today.

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25 Years of Sound Financial Advice and Investment Experience for the Nashville Community

“If I’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that real wealth can be achieved with moderate risk-taking over the course of an individual’s lifetime. Setting reasonable goals and working diligently to achieve them year in, year out is the key to success.”

Financial Advisor and Wealth Management services offered by fiduciary advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ William Bevins. As a Fee-Only advisor offering unbiased advice and recommendations, William's career has focused on helping individuals and institutions achieve their investment goals while controlling risk. Putting client needs first is how he built his business and reputation.

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