William Bevins, CFP® CTFA, began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1995 after graduating from Virginia Tech (Finance, BS 1995). He serves as a Private Wealth Manager at Cypress Capital.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a private wealth manager?

Bill: One of the best aspects of being a wealth manager is helping people achieve their financial goals. For many people, talking about money or finance is generally a turnoff. I get that. Some elements are confusing. It’s not like accounting or investment courses were a requirement while we were in school. I know that a conversation about how money, investments, or retirement plans work can put some to sleep. I enjoy explaining how educational expenses or retirement goals can be achieved with a sensible, conservative, financial plan. Every individual’s needs and goals are different. I enjoy helping people develop plans that make sense for them.

Q: How does your process work?

Bill: Simply put, my process is (1) Plan, (2) Build, and (3) Review. It begins with finding out what is most important to you. Your goals are paramount. After a thoughtful plan is made we build a portfolio based on your risk profile, and regularly review your plan to ensure you’re on the path to meeting your objectives. As a fiduciary and a registered investment advisor, I’m legally obligated to act in the best interests of my clients. We don’t sell financial products that are burdened with high fees in order to cover a large commission. Instead, our services are fee-based and in our clients’ best interests.

Q: What value do clients receive from your tailored investment plan?

Bill:The main focus of a tailored plan will rest on two pillars: Portfolio Construction and Risk Management based on tax efficiency and always mindful of costs.

Q: Why did you choose to join Cypress Capital in downtown Franklin?

Bill:My 25 year career within finance has been spent advising clients and building investment portfolios as a professional equities trader. This experience was a great fit with my firm, Cypress Capital. Besides our conservative investment style, the firm also manages client assets in-house, which is uncommon in the financial planning field. We use our years of investment experience to build stock and bond portfolios that are catered to each client. This allows client portfolios to be transparent and our recommendations to be unbiased. We even offer proprietary investment models that allow for diversification and balance.

Q: Are you taking on new clients with Cypress Capital?

Bill:Yes, I am. Our approach is very relationship-based. We have a small business culture and maintain a boutique approach that allows us to truly serve our clients well. Serving as a fiduciary financial advisor and having a personal relationship with my clients allows for me to work more effectively for them. I am just a phone call away. If you have lost touch with your advisor over the years or feel you could benefit from individualized, unbiased guidance, let’s start a conversation. Contact me at [email protected] or (615) 469-7348.

William Bevins is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Mr Bevins began his Advising career in 1995 and has spent 18 years as a Professional Equities Trader. Today his firm, Cypress Capital located in downtown Franklin Tn, manages $370 million from Individuals, Small and Medium Size Businesses, Pensions, and Charities. Follow on Facebook.