Can You Have a Roth IRA and a 401(k)?

Many people have a 401(k) plan with their employer at work, but not everyone has a Roth IRA. While they are two different types of investments with unique eligibility requirements, financial guidelines, and tax rules, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

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How to Predict Future Investment Returns to Plan Your Retirement

If you’re planning to retire within the next 10 years, it’s important that you fully understand what your financial future is going to look like. Establishing a comfortable retirement takes time and is challenging for many people, but there are things you can do to solidify your finances and better prepare for the life you envision.


Types of Retirement Accounts to Build Wealth

Planning for retirement becomes effortless when you have the right knowledge and set specific savings objectives.


What is a CFP?

William Bevins CFP® and fiduciary advisor Franklin TN. William offers fee-only financial planning and wealth management help to individuals and small businesses.


What Is A Fiduciary Advisor?

Choosing a fiduciary advisor to help navigate a retirement plan has its advantages. An independent fiduciary can offer unbiased advice and recommendations tailored to the needs of each client.


Managing 401(k) accounts held with previous employers

One of the most important decisions we face during our working years is choosing how to manage our retirement funds when we change employers.


Roth IRA In Retirement Planning

Roth IRAs are a great tool to help fund your retirement. Like many other tools, a ROTH IRA has attractive features and limitations.


Retirement Planning For Women

When it comes to retirement planning, women have some unique considerations.


Is a Mortgage the Same as a Home Loan?

When embarking on the journey of homeownership, many prospective buyers find themselves asking: "Is a mortgage the same as a home loan?"


How Do Student Loans Work?

Navigating the world of student loans can be a complex journey. With the right knowledge, however, it becomes a manageable path that leads to educational success and financial stability.

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