Sooner or later in life everyone is faced with making a big decision. I have identified six events in life that are easier to navigate with the help of a financial planner. An experienced planner is trained to help simplify financial matters and offer advice to help clients work through life changes.

As always, choose a professional that is a fee-only, unbiased fiduciary that works solely on your behalf. You can learn more about how these types of professionals, including myself, work by reading my profile.

In addition to the items below, a talented planner can help initiate fundamental tools related to educational and retirement planning. Here are a few events for which you may choose to work with a financial planner:

#1 Getting Married

Forming a union means more than saying, “I do,” on your wedding day. It also means combining assets. This could mean sharing accumulated savings, investment portfolios, retirement accounts and even debt. A financial planner is trained to help in these situations.

#2 Mounting Debt

Speaking of debt, it’s easy to get overextended in the world we live in. Loans are offered to Americans from every direction it seems. I find it common for people of all ages to have debt problems, but I’m finding it more common for younger couples and individuals. Managing credit card debt, consumer loans, and even the mortgage can be overwhelming. A financial planner can help navigate your way out of debt with a responsible plan.

#3 Investing Fears

Investing is complicated, and it’s something they don’t teach much in school. It’s understandable why some people are apprehensive to invest their savings. We can all think of a few times in history when asset prices, specifically stocks, crashed. These events were historic indeed. They also represented two moments in time that offered investors tremendous buying opportunities to invest their capital. A skilled financial planner, who also is very experienced with investing capital, can make all the difference when working on your behalf. Many investment strategies exist to help build portfolios for your appropriate risk profile.

#4 Expecting a Child

A new addition to the family is very exciting. Children are perhaps the greatest blessing. For many they can also be a family’s largest expense. Additional costs can strain a family’s budget. Working with an experienced planner to go over your current financial condition can be a great help. Planners are trained to identify opportunities such as consolidating debt or beginning a tax-favored education plan.

#5 Approaching Retirement

Choosing to retire is a big decision. Knowing when it’s the right time can be complicated. Enlisting the help of a financial planner can help simplify this decision. An experienced planner can not only run the numbers but can also make recommendations regarding how to make your money last. Also, once you step into retirement, it may be time to adjust your portfolio. A fee-only planner can offer unbiased advice regarding your investments. My advice comes with an honest review of your current investments to identify if there is room for improvement. It is my responsibility to offer sound advice. I have no products to sell or quotas to fill. Determining a suitable degree of risk is also a large part of my recommendation as well.

#6 Unexpected Inheritance

I know its cliché, but people inherit money and property every day. In some instances, the inheritance places an individual in a position they have never been in before. Knowing what to do with a family farm or a closely held business may be overwhelming. Having to invest newly acquired funds can also be challenging for someone who’s never invested before. Working with an experienced planner can be a great help in these events.

Let’s Start a Conversation.

Financial planners meet with clients just like you each and every day. I offer a complimentary initial visit to meet with you and understand your personal situation. For many events in life it pays to work with someone with an independent view.

If you’re not currently working with an advisor, or if you’ve lost contact with your current one, let’s start a conversation. Contact me at [email protected] or by calling (615) 469-7348.

William Bevins is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Mr Bevins began his Advising career in 1995 and has spent 18 years as a Professional Equities Trader. Today his firm, Cypress Capital located in downtown Franklin Tn, manages $270 million from Individuals, Small and Medium Size Businesses, Pensions, and Charities. Follow on Facebook.